Gawa MR MISS MRS Auditions Start

Gets a chance to work in Dogri Movie/Songs, Web Series & Fashion Show.

Skkrda Event India’s Rules & Regulations

  1. The applicant should be natural born male or female, an Indian born, NRI, married and be good in health.
  2. The applicant should not be under any commercial contract with any modelling agency at the time of appearing for the additions. The applicant once short Listed cannot be a part of any other commercial contract.
  3. The organisors are not responsible for any delays or non recipts of applications on any account and for any reason whatsoever.
  4. The applicant will have to participate in a disciplined and diligent manner throughout as per schedule given. Only persons of good health and moral character can participate.

5. The organisers are not responsible for any loss or physical injury that occurs to the applicant on account of their participation in the event.The applicant will participate at her own risk.

6.The applicant should be between 21years to 60 years of age while participating in MRs.INDIA and should be 16 years to 30 years while participating in MR and Miss INDIA.

You Must Follow all Rules & Regulations

7. The applicant should be submit the identity proof.

8. The organiser will provides grooming training, hotel and food, makeup before 1 week of Grand Finale.

9)The applicant agree to pay a registration fee at the time of registration .The applicant agree to entry fee and to pay it pertaining to state zone level and National events after getting shortlisted and after auditions that includes grooming holtel (with roommates),food,crown, makeup,banner,sashy for the duration of the event.

10)The applicant agree to pay any personal expenses for the pagent, including airfare, travel , wardrobe,and hotel personal charges and other miscellaneous charges.

11)The organisers are not responsible if the sponsers do not make good the prizes promised by them.

12)The applicant understands and agrees that any misconduct, nagative innuendoes or misrepresentation of themselves or others participant’s, through

13.The schedule of event and qualification rounds are subject to change at the discretion of the organisers.

14.All the fee’s paid to the event organiser are not refundable and not transferable in full or in part under any circumstances.

15.The organisers are not responsible for not completion/non occurrence of the event.In the event of any dispute, the organisers descisions are final and binding on the applicant.

16.The organisers have all the rights to cancel, reschedule, postpone and amend the show.

17.The decision of the organisers/Jury/judge are final.

Required skillset to become Gawa Mr, Miss and Mrs INDIA

Now if you are eligible you should also have some skills to become Gawa Mr. Miss and Mrs INDIA

1)To become Gawa Mr., Miss and Mrs INDIA you should have excellant communication skills, it will help you to interact with the people in the contest.

2)The main important skills to become Gawa Mr Miss and Mrs INDIA is to be very smart and trendy.You should look pleasant in appearance.
Along with this,you should knowledge of recent news and developments.

3) In addition to all,you should be a very outspoken girl or boy.

4)You must be a very graceful and sober.This is the one of the best qualities to become Gawa Mr., Miss and Mrs INDIA

5)Along with having mental ability skills you should have drawing skills and makeup skills if you want to become Gawa Mr., Miss and Mrs INDIA .

Let’s know about this skills

. Required Drawing skills

.#) Every applicant who has good dressing skills will have a pleasant appearance. Mainly, if you are going to participate have a good dressing sense.
. Attractive clothing

Choose nice and attractive clothes. You should have a proper vision of wearing clothes for the right place.

You should be comfortable with you clothes then only you can properly walk on the ramp

Matching Accessories

Another important thing is you should choose matching accessories along with the attire. It is another important factor in dressing skills.

Never keep anything that doesn’t match your apparel or consult a designer to choose. They will guide you and give you the best choice.

confident walk

Another important thing is you need to walk confidently on heds. If you are not confident you can’t walk on the ramp. Practice it more if you are not confident.

Required Make-up skills

Along with the dressing skills, you should also have good makeup skills.

Personality Development

First thing you need to do is to give importance to personality Development. you should always have positive thinking and you should be confident that you will win the title. If you are not ok ,you can join personality development classes. They will guide you in a better way. Short -time courses will be more helpful in these times

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