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We have over 10 years of experience – we will guide you through your special moments. You wouldn’t want someone who is “good with the camera” at such an important event.

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We are here to help you create the occasion of your dreams! From helping you plan your timeline to attending your rehearsals to designing your album, we’ll be your partner and friend before, during and after!

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You’ll want to keep things simple and focus on capturing the beauty of your baby bump.


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What should I wear for a maternity photoshoot?

Working on the best outfit with a couple is not a rare experience.

1. Try maxi dress. 2. Solids are best. 3. Avoid socializing too much with your partner. 4. Belt it up. 5. Choose two dresses. 6. Fitted vs Flowy.

Maternity Shoot

Maternity photoshoot shows off the beauty of your growing baby bump. Every pregnant woman wants to have the perfect maternity photoshoot. Whether you're ready for a photoshoot or not, the idea of capturing the beauty of your growing baby bump is intriguing and a must-do. The only thing you can think about during pregnancy is the instinctive hunger pangs your back aches and the dread of having to get up early, a photoshoot is the last thing you want to sign up for. but guess what? You will regret not being able to do the maternity shoot. Maternity photography is all about the belly and the hands and feet are great tools to make sure our focus stays on the belly and the joints.

When should you have a maternity shoot?

If you’re counting down the weeks, schedule your session when you’re about 30 weeks pregnant. If you take maternity pictures after the eighth month of pregnancy, your delivery may be uncomfortable. You may want to avoid taking pictures when your belly feels very heavy, usually after 35 weeks

Gawa Modeling Agency Maternity Photoshoot

How to prepare for the maternity session?

Style your shoot. Discuss with your photographer the style of shoot you are looking for and confirm they are capable of doing what you want. Satisfy yourself. Find props. Plan ahead of time for specific props. coordinated outfits. Don't stress.

What makes a maternity shoot great?

Your vision, a great photographer, some planning and good lighting. The least you can contribute to a great photoshoot is to be yourself, feel happy and let happiness fill you. That’s it. Only a great photographer can capture the magic of this combination.

When should I take maternity pictures with twins?

Take your maternityshoots pictures early. Although we recommend all singleton mums to make their bookings for when they are 32-34 weeks old, you will want to get your twins very early as most twins come early and so you will be able to see more of them in your photos. Don't feel uncomfortable when you grow up. I recommend sometime around 28 weeks.

Gawa Modeling Agency Maternity Photoshoot
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Your precious pregnancy and newborn memories deserve to be captured in the best maternity, newborn and baby photography in Jammu

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