Gawa MR MISS MRS Auditions Start

Gets a chance to work in Dogri Movie/Songs, Web Series & Fashion Show.

E Commerce Photoshoot

The purpose of an e-commerce shoot is to create high-quality visuals that accurately reflect the product’s features, details and aesthetics in a way that engages and convinces potential customers to make a purchase.

Portfolio Management

Photo portfolio management refers to the process of organizing, selecting, and managing a collection of photographs, usually for professional or artistic purposes. This includes a portfolio of high-quality images that showcase the photographer’s style, skill, and creativity, while meeting the needs and expectations of potential clients or audiences.

Professional photographer taking photos of indian model in studio with leight

Skill Development

Skills development is essential for personal and professional development, as it enables individuals to remain relevant, adaptable and competitive in today’s rapidly changing job market. It is also critical to organizational success, as it helps companies create an efficient and capable workforce that can drive innovation, productivity and growth.


The process of selecting actors or performers for particular parts in a media production is known as “casting”. The casting process typically starts with a casting director, who is responsible for finding the right actors for the roles. The director will work closely with the producer and the writer to understand the vision of the production and the specific requirements for each role

Skkrda Event India & Sahityik Udaan Foundation in Collaboration With Chakharia Foundation Presents