Gawa MR MISS MRS Auditions Start

Gets a chance to work in Dogri Movie/Songs, Web Series & Fashion Show.

Professional Portrait Photography

Need to mark an important milestone? Eager to keep your growing family occupied? Perhaps you are ready to use your portrait photography experience to discover a side of you that the world has yet to see.

Our professional Portrait Photography aims to create visual mementos that tell your story with authenticity, Purpose and style. 

Best modeling photoshoot in jammu, India


We groom, shoot portfolios, promote and launch models and actors in modeling industry.

Gawa Advertising shoot in jammu


Our expertise in fashion and advertising photography has helped us bag various prestigious indian.

Gawa Wedding Couple Photoshoot in Jammu


Lets capture the feelings, the sentiments, and the beauty of your wedding day.

Gawa Modeling Agency

Professional Photoshoot for Modeling Portfolio in Jammu

A photo shoot is the perfect opportunity to build confidence and build a great modeling portfolio. Gawa Modeling Agency offers you the best team to make your photo shoot dreams come true! Pose among our incredible back drops and set pieces. Be guided through your photo shoot by our talented photographers and beautified by the best makeup artists. Your modeling journey begins with us, take a leap of faith and book a photo shoot today!

Personal Photoshoot

Boudoir Photography

Removing a few layers in front of the camera can make you feel super confident and empowered.

Gawa Fashion Portraits

Fashion Portraits

Fashion portraits are about stepping out of your comfort zone and learning to express yourself on camera. Suitable for women and men of all ages.

Family Photography

A family photo shoot is a great way to bond with loved ones and capture those devilish good looks while you still can!

Gawa Couple Photography

Couple Photography

A couple photoshoot is more than just a romantic date – it’s a fun way for you and your partner to share forever memories.

Gawa Dance models jammu

Dance Photography

Dance is not just a sport. It is a passion that requires a tremendous amount of strength, effort and determination.

Gawa Wedding Photoshoot in Jammu

Wedding Photography

Gawa style is a mix of photo and glamor photography, covering everything from make-up, hidden glances between couples.

Colour Gel Photography

Color-effect gels intentionally color light to create a certain mood, ambiance or dramatic situation in a photograph.

Gawa Headshot Photography

Headshot Photography

A headshot is a portrait photo of a person showing the subject’s head and shoulders.

Gawa Personal Branding Photoshoot

Personal Branding

Your personal brand is missing. Having a strong personal brand can open up endless doors and opportunities for you.

Gawa Fashion Photography

Women's Fashion

Fashion photography is a genre of photography concerned with photographing clothing and other fashion items.

Gawa Fashion Photography

Men's Fashion

Fashion photography is a genre of photography concerned with photographing clothing and other fashion items.

Gawa Black White-Photography

Black & White

Gawa Black and white photography is the art of using different colors ranging from white to dark gray to create compelling images.

Gawa Glamour Photography in jammu

Glamour Photography

Simply put, glamor photography is photography that highlights beauty, sensuality, allure, glamour, fine lines and even romance.

Gawa Before & After Photography

Before & After Photography

Before and after photography is a powerful marketing tool that every models can take advantage of. The reason is simple: people trust pictures more…

Gawa Corporate Photography in jammu

Corporate Photography

Gawa Modeling Agency provides highly skilled Professional Photography & Videography Services to Corporates, Industrial Units and Professional Services.

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