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Pageant Training

This course introduces the candidates to the world of beauty pageants and helps them to analyze the essence of beauty pageants. Experts provide tailor made coaching plans, personal grooming and rigorous training that covers every aspect of pageantry.

• Course Outline

● Learn elegant stage presence – ramp walk and posing

● Wardrobe Analysis and Styling

● Nutrition, fitness and skincare sessions

● Etiquette training and hair and makeup sessions

● Positive Attitude and Confidence Building Exercises

● Spectacle introduction and interview techniques.

● Training for Diction, Voice Modulation and Q&A session on stage

● Preparation for talent round

● Beauty with a Purpose Project

Acting Course

The art of performance utilizes a wide range and skills including the ability to interpret a script, imaginative skills, improvisation, vocal projection and physical expression. Continuous training is needed to develop these faculties smoothly. This intensive course trains and nurtures candidates under the guidance of leading acting professionals and prepares candidates to enter the film industry.

• Course Outline

● Diction and Voice Modulation – Learning the clarity of speech and the skill of adjusting pitch or tone to convey different emotions is an important part of being an actor or voice over artist.

● Body Language – Learn to use body expressions and mannerisms to communicate non-verbally effectively.

● Adapting to the Camera – Learn the art of facing the camera efficiently as knowledge of lighting and angles and camera presence helps in making a better actor.

● Auditions – Auditions are a part and parcel of an actor’s life. Learn how to quickly memorize a script and deliver a powerful performance plus additional tips to increase your chances of landing the role.

● Versatility – It is always a good thing to be a master of all trades. Being proficient in multiple areas such as driving/dancing/swimming/playing a musical instrument/playing sports etc will greatly increase the number of roles one can apply for.

High Fashion and Commercial Modeling

High fashion modeling includes ramp and editorial work. It usually has strict physical requirements with minimum height requirements for ramps of 5’7″ for women and 5’11” for men. Commercial modeling has more relaxed requirements and includes print shoots, catalogs and product advertisements. This course helps you find your place in this vast field. Upon completion, mentors will help students with their portfolio and provide them with the opportunity to walk the ramp in fashion shows and shoot for leading designers and brand campaigns.
• Course Outline
● Ramp Walk Training – For a runway model, a strong walk is most important. Learn from the renowned runway model and fashion show choreographer how good posture and gait can help you walk.
● Photography Workshop – Posing in front of the camera is an art. Learn from prolific photographers and models the skills to identify your best angles and outfit specific poses and expressions to look your best on camera.
● Makeup and Hair Sessions – Learn techniques and tricks from daily minimal makeup to glam looks, to enhancing facial features and casting and styling your hair on the job.
● Fashion and wardrobe styling – First impressions matter. Wearing the right outfit can make a person look sophisticated without even saying anything. Learn from expert stylists about wardrobe staples and the art of dressing and accessorizing for different body types and specific occasions.
● Fitness Sessions – Being physically and mentally fit is a very important part of life. Learn all about proper nutrition, exercise, skin care and how to motivate yourself and keep trying even when you face setbacks.

Kids Grooming

New Talent Models Grooming School has now set up a new venture for kids to provide a platform to youngsters to hone their skills and introduce them to the exciting world of kids modeling and acting.
● These interactive sessions and workshops help children explore their individual interests and natural talents and become further proficient in those domains.
● Mentors will help prepare the kids, build their portfolio and provide placements by connecting them with leading agencies and production houses.
● Additionally, these workshops will help in boosting self-confidence and promoting all-round development at an impressionable age which in turn will help in creating a future generation of brilliant, capable adults.

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Personality Development

Personal development is a lifelong learning process. It includes interpersonal behavioral traits, temperament, and self-expression. These sessions, for people from all walks of life, cover the following topics

● Etiquette Training – Etiquette makes the man. Learn how to portray your best self in a professional setting.

● Communication skills – starting a conversation and being a good listener

● Interview Training & Mock Sessions

● networking; an essential part of every industry

● Posture and body language

● Image makeover and power dressing

● Emotional stability, awareness and being assertive yet humble.

● Health, Lifestyle and Stress Management

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